Hello.  My name is Ali and I work in Belgium as an anaplastologist.  I'm originally from the last bastion of the American West: Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

I received my master's degree in Biomedical Visualization from the University of Illinois at Chicago and my bachelor's degree in Fine Art from the University of New Mexico. I draw, sculpt, paint, and make things as often as I am able. I practice traditional methods in woodworking, metal fabrication, and illustration, as well as 3D modeling, animation, and digital art.  I'm very interested in 3D printing and scanning and try to find innovative ways to incorporate it into the work I do.

Medical illustration and anatomically-themed art are my favorite subjects and I use every tool available to craft visually striking images and objects. I work one-on-one with patients to make custom aesthetic silicone covers for prosthetic limbs, as well as nasal, auricular, and orbital prostheses.


Medical Illustration - Biomedical Visualization - Anaplastology

Complex concepts in science + medicine simplified through dynamic visualization.

Medical Illustration and Biomedical Visualization involve the utilization of any and all types of visual mediums (illustration, sculpture, 3D models, animation...) to convey scientific and medical concepts.  This type of work can be found in many different forms - in anatomy textbooks, animations for pharmaceutical companies, digital 3D modeling, surgical planning, and prosthesis design, to name a few.  As an anaplastologist and medical illustrator, my background in fine art, anatomy, and research puts me in a unique position to translate complex information into attractive, well-crafted images and objects.