Gird yer shoulders!

First Drawing Assignment... Into the third week of the Biomedical Visualization program and we had our first illustration assignment: draw the shoulder girdle.  We had to draw an anterior angle that shows the ligaments, and a posterior angle showing the muscles, both in pencil. So here the horses I put in the race:



I'm pretty pleased with the end result.  I don't usually draw with pencils because they're messy and I always get a nice shiny gray arc of graphite on my pinky which transfers onto EVERY INCH of the drawing I'm working on.  Lo, and behold!  I managed to keep it pretty clean.

I love working with pens - you make a line, it stays there, it doesn't move...even if you make a mistake.  At first I would make tons of mistakes when drawing with pens and would have to "disguise" them by making them look intentional.  I tend to do a lot of really tight crosshatching in my drawings and I have finally gotten confident enough in my strokes that I rarely make mistakes that can't be fudged to look alright.  But in reality, if all I'm doing is making a whole lot of tiny little lines, it's pretty hard to tell if I've made a mistake (which is inevitable in almost every single drawing).  Working in layers is key, and working in several different colors and pen tip widths really helps eliminate errors.

Back to the assignment.  It was a lot of fun rifling through books  and using the bones from my Bone Box (what a dream! - the single most important and useful resource I have ever been allowed to "check out" from a university).  This past week we have been  working on dissecting the upper limbs of our cadavers in our Anatomy class, which was a tremendous help in identifying structures, landmarks, muscle attachments, and articulation.  We went through our first round of critiques today and all of the assignments looked really good.  I'm looking forward to getting some feedback on my drawings on thursday.  No idea what we'll be drawing next, but I'll tell ya this: I wanna draw me a skull!!

More adventures in Anatomy coming soon...