The World Through Corpse-Tinted Lenses


I have been noticing lately that portions of my glasses seem to be more of an amber hue than I'm used to, and I finally figured it out - CORPSE JUICE.  Just one of the *many* little bonuses that I have discovered on the glorious journey that is cadaver dissection.

Things I have done with a human heart in the past week:

  • Freed human heart of its bonds, removing it from the body
  • Dissected aforementioned heart
  • Removed coagulated blood from orifices
  • Loved deeply and experienced a multitude of what I am told are referred to as "emotions"

Now I can cross off "remove human heart" from my bucket list, even though I had always expected martial arts to be involved, at least to some degree.  It was a pretty surreal experience, as many of the experiences have been these past few weeks.  There seems to be a lot of bedside manner in play amongst the anatomy teachers, which I think is probably in everyone's best interest.  However, unintentionally hilarious situations arise from time to time, often when the teachers translate the Latin names of structures into English.  Trabeculae Carneae, the muscles in the walls of the ventricles, roughly translates to "beams of meat," but sounds more like a type of burrito you'd get from a street vendor.

Coagulated blood is steadily rising to the top of my list of grossest substances to work with in lab.  Our heart is roughly the size of both of my fists together and PACKED with blood.  I don't know what it is exactly, but coagulated blood is just disgusting.  It's not so bad in the veins and arteries, when it's in small quantities, but inside the chest cavity it's awful and comes in two varieties: brownie chunks and platelet gravy.  Sorry to draw comparisons to one of America's favorite desserts, but it's unmistakable.

The last little cadaver-related story I wanted to share is that, unbeknownst to me, my lab partners affectionately named our body Fezzik.  He's a big fella - too big to properly fit on our dissection table.   Anyway,  you know you're with good people when Princess Bride references are being thrown around the cadaver lab.