Do You Even Code, Brah?

Alright folks… the big reveal:

This semester I have been working on building a website from scratch and here it is, at long last!

Now, there ain’t a whole lotta bells’n’whistles yet…but now that I have a solid foundation, I will be working on it diligently with a tweak here and a tweak there to shine ‘er up!  As the semesters progress throughout the Biomedical Visualization program I will upload new photos of assignments, and there’s a link to this blog as well.  So take a gander!

This website has been an ongoing project in our Computer Applications class this semester.  We learned the building blocks of HTML and CSS, something I had never really looked into, or even had much knowledge or interest in.  The “internet” was just some volcano God that demanded virgin sacrifice in order to continue not killing all of us…or so I thought!  As shocking a revelation as it was for me, apparently normal human people created said internet, and any old codger with a keyboard can code if they put a li’l elbow grease in to it.

Working with HTML and CSS is like working on a puzzle – a wordy, code-y persnickety puzzle.  There’s a calming logic to it and, in the midst of all the chaos of human dissection and scientific research, acted as a divining rod of sorts for me throughout all the trials and tribulations of the semester.  Honestly, it was a whole lotta fun to learn!  For anyone who is interested, I highly recommend going to  It’s an easy-to-use introduction to coding and it accomplishes this miraculous feat while at the same time being fun, entertaining and engaging.  It’s like learning a secret language – plus you can scan websites and see how they were built and learn from them.  Not to mention all the super cool nerd jokes that make up the fine, silly fabric that is the interwebs.  But I digress.

With the launch of the website and the end of the semester mere *hours* away, I should have a few new projects to share soon.  Praise be to the Cyber Gods!