Part III: The Arrival

  backyard + dogs

The details of our eventual arrival in Belgium are far too numerous and tedious to mention, so I'll keep it brief.  "Jet lag-fueled international house-hunting extravaganza" is a good start.  Add some slap-stick language miscommunications, a necessity for extremely important legal documents to be filled out in Flemish (often times with an AZERTY keyboard, to boot), and having to learn an entirely new set of traffic laws, and that's a pretty rough summary.  Level of difficulty: Ice Sculpting on the Surface of the Sun. But, luckily, we were able to find an awesome house (our backyard literally dissolves into a forest and Belgian country side), and after two months we were finally reunited with our dogs (due to the tireless efforts of my mother - thanks ma!).   The erratic spinning of the world, though far from resuming its normal trajectory, slowly began to even out.

(Things were faaaaaaaar from coming into focus at this point, but, for the sake of speeding things along...I'll speed things along!)

In addition to the endless visa application steps, the house search, outfitting said house with essential trinkets and the lot, there was still the matter of the new job to tackle, which was the whole reason for this crazy, whirlwind adventure.  Luckily the transition went very smoothly, aided in part by the great team of colleagues that I have had the pleasure of working with.

The job is awesome, and I've learned a helluvalot in a relatively short period of time.  The prosthetic work I had done in my graduate program was primarily focused on facial prostheses, but working here has allowed me to get learn  upper and lower limb prosthetic covers as well, which is amazing.  The process is completely different from facial prostheses, but man, is it coooooooool!

Anyway, that's the story up until arriving in Belgium, in a nutshell.  Now that I've gotten all caught up on the details leading up to now, the REAL fun begins: flooding the internets with really cool pictures of disembodied limbs!  More to come soon.